1st New Song Post

I’m Baroque

A yo ho ho to all!
This is my first new song post using N 6.0
I’m not a sample type of guy but couldn’t resist playing live guitar to some free samples I found including drums, keys, bass and efx.
Love to hear your thoughts!
Please check out I’m Baroque on my myspace page.

Thx, Lou

Lou! 2:58 just brings me. I really enjoyed the multi genre talent. You struttin’!

Of course this time of year we’re all Baroque… Pahrump pump :whistle:

Hi Lou,
Sounds cool!
It also sounds like playin good comes easy to you!
Yo! Levi :agree:

Interesting but fun to listen to! :laugh:

Nice playing Lou!

Very cool Lou! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and that’s important. It comes through… :agree:


Thanks everyone for your kind words. I did have fun putting together the samples and last jamming to the track. I know many of us have small recording setups and sometimes wish they had a back up band to jam with. Loops give me company and inspiration to write more and play better. Also, the ease of N-track make the entire recording experience a breeze. My drum machine is now on my bottom shelf!
Have a happy holiday!



My drum machine is now on my bottom shelf!

I traded mine (along with other junk) for a guitar... :p

Besides, I HATED trying to program something decent sounding in that thing... YUCK... Long live EZDrummer, and BIAB... and... :)


…I’m guessing you’re learning to play guitar right?.. :p