2 quickies

me like beta monkey loops

Had fun recording these with beta monkey drum samples.


I was thinking about getting beta monkey drum loops, do you know if they have any percussion cds or latin type beats? if not have you heard of any good ones out there? Liked the songs a lot! will you be selling a disc soon? :)


Liked the songs, particularly the vocal effect on "It’s All Talk"
Did you double track it?


I’m not sure if beta monkey has latin loops or percussion but I’m sure we can check it out at their website. Thanks for your comments on the songs! the vocal effect on the song "all talk"
is a cloned track of the vocal detuned slightly with ntrack pitch shift then panned to give it a bigger sound. :)

No, Betamonkey doesn’t have latin beats. I wish they would cause I would get it, but Drums On Demand does I believe.
My deux cents http://www.betamonkeymusic.com/

Obie-one, just listened and said '####" out loud…picked up guitar to play along with, realized out of tune, sat back down and just really listened.
very nice. really liked it…thanks. darn I’m having fun tonite listening to different stuff. this is fun!

I’d love to add my critique, but, uh… I ain’t got nothing to say! 'Cept…



Hey it’s been a while! thanks for the feedback on my tunes, I posted them on myspace.com, some peeps wanna know if I plan to release a CD! lots of cool feedback there. Try it.