20 Tracks

Any advice for tracking 20 tracks?

Anybody recording 20 tracks or more? If so, I’d appreciate any suggestions you have.

I just bought a Behringer ADA 8000 to flesh out my MOTU 828 mk2 and existing SPDIF connected ART DPS, bringing me up to 20 track recording. I’ve set up a separate partition for recording and optimized XP per a TASCAM guide I have. My system is a 2.4GHz P4 with 512 MB DDR, ATI FIRE GL 8800, and second SATA 10,000 RPM drive for tracking. The system drive is IDE 7400 RPM.

What are my chances of success? I plan to record at 44.1 kHz.

Bill Phillips

Do a quick test. You may very well be able to do it. Please let us know.

Mr Soul

16bit/44.1 takes roughly 88kB/s ((16 x 44100)/8) = 88200 bytes or ~ 88kB) …

88kB x 20 = 1.7MB/s (roughly if I did my math right)

24 bit/44.1 takes you to 2.6ish MB/s

I would certainly hope your drive can handle a sustained throughput of 1.7 MB/s. Unless something is glitchy with drivers etc, you ought to be good. Give it a shot and see what you get.