24 bit wave editor

Hello all,

I’m about to upgrade to Ntrack 6 in order to get my 24bit USB working. The demo looks ok but I am used to using an external editor. I have always used a 1999 16 bit version of Soundforge which is fantastic. Do any of you guys use a 24bit editor and if so which one?


Sound Forge works great as a 24 bit editor…why would you need a new one? I have V 6.0 which is quite old…not sure about the year tho…


Audacity = Freeware

Wavosaur = Freeware (?)

Gold Wave = Freeware (?)

All handle 24 bit .wav files. Wavosaur is pretty good. Audacity is easy… Google 'em for a download site.


Goldwave, for which the developer actually asks for a reasonably small payment.


Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition…)

The reason some editors won’t do 24 bit files is not a bit depth issue, it’s that many editors can’t handle wave format extensible files. The main reason for using the extensible format is because it contains a channel mask, while ex files don’t.

This is the reason I got Adobie Audition even though I also have Sound Forge.

The Sound Forge “Audio Studio” product will open 24 bit waves but will only save wave files at 16 bits. The full Sound Forge 9 product will save to many bit depths and has bunches of tools the 50 buck “Audio Studio” product doesn’t have.

You get what you pay for and it depends on whatcha need! :)