'Battery 2' plugin

Does this work with N-track?

I’m not even sure what it’s a plugin for, but I hear it’s great for writing drum parts…any thoughts?


It looks great, but then again… - it’s about $200 so you’d probably find something equally easy to use and decent-sounding as well for less than that…

… - just my 2 øre…

Check out Tu2, the sequel to Tuareg loop and drum generator - it has a sensible freeware version available…

regards, Nils

Yeah, I currently use fruity loops, it works great for putting beats together, but VERY limited as far as EQ’ing each hit, adding compression, FX etc…

Try rendering the individual drum sounds from Fruity Loops separately, import them into n-Track and give the tracks a tweak with EQ, FX, etc. to your heart’s content… :D

regards, Nils

Right, but once renedered, you can only tweak the whole track, not each individual drum hit.

Right now I’m tweaking in FL to sound good, then I export and import into Ntrack, record guitars,bass etc, then feel certain things could be punchier, spread out more etc…

This isn’t to tick off hardcore FL users, but Battery craps on Fruity Loops when it comes to drum editing and programming. The world’s top programmers and producers use battery for drums. Simple as that. When it comes down to it, FL seems too toyish and the editing is limited.

Silvermachina - I have no doubts you are 100% correct which is why I would like to move away from FL, but does Battery 2 work as a plugin for N-track?


I use both NI’s reaktor and battery in Ntrack. Works very well.