4.05 downlaod size?

what’s going on

i’ve tried previous version of v4 but decided against working with it or buying it coz it just was not worth the money or hassle as far as i was concerned. however it was promising and so i thought i’d try the latest version. but what the #### has happened to the download size i alway remember n as being 3 or 4 mb and now its 30!?? is there some kind of demo song included, if thats the case i wish there was an option of a smaller download, for them that still has dial up connection and has to wait 5 or 6 hours to download!

n-Track now requires the .NET Framework to be installed, and it’s now included in the standard installation of n-Track.

If your computer is up to date and you already have .NET installed (as in, you’re using Windows XP SP2), download the smaller version. It’s on the download page - you really can’t miss it!