4.1.5 Drawing Volume Envelopes

Nodes added to multiple tracks???

When drawing a volume envelope on a track, I see the same envelope being drawn on a different track. It is duplicating the nodes and all. Why???? This is with 2032 and 2033. This definitely happens when adding the nodes while the song is playing and I believe it also happens when it is not playing. Help!

Got caps lock on?

I might have, but I don’t think so. I also tried this on two computers (my laptop and my desktop) ans saw the same thing. Kinda weird! I will investigate the caps lock thing though.

Any other suggestions???

The multiple track envelope editing is a new feature.
You probably have more than one track selected.
Select/unselect by ctrl-clicking the text-label on the far left of the track in the time line.

Thanks! Now I feel a bit stupid. Must have missed that. And when you say a new feature, I assume this is new to 4.1.5 as I do not remember it in 4.1.


Wow, I didn’t know about that feature! That will be great for drawing fade-outs and cross-fades. Sweet.

Regarding drawing volume envelops does anyone know if there is an undocumented feature that allows one to lock either the “x” or “y” or both coordinate positions when tweaking node values? I’m sure that I’ve reviewed the current n-trk docs and I did not find the answer. I have offen “wished” for this enhancement…but you know what they say about wishing! That is, "you can wish in one hand and poop in the other and you know which hand will fill up first."

In a different thread regarding volume envelops I read where Phoo had suggested something along the same line but that was over a year ago. A drop down box when right clicking on a highlighted track or section allowing the user to select a locked set of coordinates would be helpful or at least in my opinion. One thing that I did notice is that under the “Appearance” tab in Preferences there is an option to set the slider and envelop drawing ranges. I don’t know how long this option has been available as I only saw it the other day. At first I thought that this could possibly address my request but unfortuneately the mn/max settings don’t overlap. If they did one could at least lock the “y” coordinate position when creating envelop nodes. It appears that part of the logic is in place. Whether it’s doable or even a valid need amongst the user base is a whole different issue.

In the 2+ years that I’ve been a member of this board I have never seen an official document from FASOFT regarding a Voteable Enhancement List. Does such a document exist?