4-track recording with UMC404HD

Please help! I’ve got a Behringer UMC404HD connected to my 4-track recorder (which has seperate outs for each channel). I’m using the free trial version of N-Track because I won’t buy it until I’m sure it is capable of doing what I need it to do. I’m trying to record all 4 tracks simultaneously. I emailed N-track and got a generic response with a link to a generic portion of the manual that basically says " go to settings" without specifying which portion of “settings” and what to do once there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just write music man, I’m not a computer guy. Please help me archive my 20 year old home recordings. Please.

The link we’ve sent includes a “Using multichannel audio devices” paragraph that mentions the setting to change to activate all of the available inputs.
There is then not much else to do to to record multiple inputs other than creating the tracks and arming them from the respective inputs.
Since you’re on Android, the compatibility with the USB device is not guaranteed as it depends on the USB + Android device combination, if you’re having problems make sure you check the USB troubleshooting section mentioned in the manual link above.