6.06x64 scan freeze on Win7 x64 workaround

workaround to get 6.06 working

I just thought I would post this information for anyone with a similar problem.
On a clean Win7x64 install, with no 3rd party vstplugins yet installed,
I tried to run the latest 6.06 x64.
Installation claimed to be successful, but every time I ran it, it would freeze on the VST Scan.
Of course I found it odd that ntrack was freezing on its own plugins.
I tried starting the program as Administrator with all the different compatibility profiles, still VST scan freeze.
I was about to call it quits, then decided maybe a previous version would work.
I DLed 6.05x64.
It installed, but the menu text was blacked out,but the icons were there.
Eventually I located the VST prefernces, and Deleted all ntrack plugins from the list,
and I deleted the ntrack default shared vst path,
and I added a new vstplugins path (which is an empty folder).
I saved the changes and saved the default song.
Somehow 6.05 had no Uninstall in Control Panel, so I decided to just install 6.06 over it.
6.06 removed 6.05, but kept the configuration files and default song I saved.
In the 6.06 install dialogue I selected keep settings from previous install.
And this time 6.06 ran fine without getting frozen on the initial vst scan.
Also, 6.06 menu items are clear, not unintelligible as they were in 6.05.
Win7x64,ECS nForce 8GB Pentium D, Quadro FX3500, MAudio, Echoaudio