64 bit Envelope problem anyone else?

n-track 2574, 64-bit Windows 7.
When I display volume envelopes and use mouse to click on the envelope, it does not create
an envelope node.
Anyone else seeing the same?

I don’t have the 64, but I think I know the problem:
Right click on the envelope line and a menu comes up - you can select the way the mouse interacts with the envelope line. You can select “Click to add” and it will place the node (or try the other options).

Are you getting any kind of error notification?

Thank you bax3.
“Click Adds Node” fixed it.
I’m moving from my old 32 bit xp box to a new Win 7 64 bit.
It’s been a long time since I did an install/setup of n-track.
I will compare all old settings to new, this should help me avoid future problems like this one.

Hi Pingcat. If you’re thinking of doing a tidy comparison job - be sure to bung it to ‘tips ‘n’ tricks’.

Moved to tips and tricks,