96 forum users?

Who are they all

I just popped by the forum and the front page shows 96 guest users. I imagine some must be robots and spiders, but 96 of them?

So are there really a whole lot of lurkers out there? I can’t see it being that interesting with the low volume of posting.

Just curious.

Bots… the Borg are numerous.


Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Jan. 17 2011, 6:28 AM)

Bots... the Borg are numerous.


You're right; it's gotta be. I'm just surprised that there's that many out there that this place gets hit by nearly one hundred in 15 minutes.

With thousands and thousands of hacker doofs and spammers out there, it’s not surprising really…


Heh, you should see the amount of crap out firewalls at our datacenter pick off in say 5 seconds. The volume is mind blowing. I can almost bet all of those “users” are dictionary-esque injection attacks of some sort. The hackers have automated bots that just run endless canned routines to look for vulnerabilities on sites.

The Stuxnet Worm is interesting.