A bit too many AudioUnit instruments fail to run / iPadOs

Have downloaded n-track Studio DAW on my iPad Pro, there are several features that I love, but I also have a few major concerns. There is often a crackling noise if music is playing and you update the UI, like opening the mixer for instance. Even with just a few instruments loaded. They is slightly inconveniant…

But… the major issue for me is that nearly half my Audio Unit instruments do load, but then then suddely the UI disappears and they don’t play. This includes the three samplers/splicers: sEGments, Koala and Neon, to name a few. But also GeoShred and a few other instrument apps.

This is unfortunately a show stopper for me, unless someone knows why this is and how to fix it?

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking into the issue and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
In the meanwhile, if you will, please feel free to send us a list of the plugins with which you are experiencing these problems: you can get in touch with the support from within the app (in the settings screen) or write me at piervincenzo@ntrack.com.
Thank you!

Wow! Amazingly quick response. Thank you, this is impressive.
I will test again and send you a list of those I find by mail. Do you want me to screen record it happening? Might give some clues on what happens.

Yes, screen recording if possible is always helpful, theek you!

Especially for the GeoShred plugins: we could not reproduce any issue, so a video showing what is happening on your device might be helpful.
We’re in touch with the GeoShred dev team and they are kindly asking what follows:
There is a diagnostic tool built into GeoShred that generates a device/log report by going to “Menu> Help> Report Problem> Send a detailed report”.
This will setup an email using the Apple email client that can be sent to them. If you don’t use the Apple email client it will also save the userReport.zip in “Menu> Files” and you can use “Menu> Files> Export” to export it to iCloud and then you can send it from there.

The crash with sEGments was reproduced instead: we’re working on it, thanks for the heads up!

Fell free to email the list with any other plugin when you have time!

A further update on the issue: I managed to reproduce the crash with GeoShred too.
We’ve implemented a fix that should solve the problems with the plugins you mentioned. If you still have issues with these or with any other plugin, please let us know!
The fix will be included in the next release.

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That’s great! Looking forward to the next release :grin::+1:

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Release 9.5.87 is now available and includes the fix mentioned above.
Let us know! :+1: