A couple of questions about Jamstix...

Does it work ok with n-Track v3.3, or would I need to upgrade to v4? I’d rather stick with v3.3 if I can.

Or…does anyone know of a very simple vst host program that would work well with Jamstix? I’m really just interested in the free-jam side of Jamstix, rather than getting too involved with midi editing or sync’ing with already recorded tracks etc. I’d like to just be able to play along with Jamstix, perhaps recording to a standalone DAW (or to n-Track or another program).



hmmm I don’t think I used Jamstix with 3.3 but I would say just downlaod the demo and give it a go.

If the demo works the full version should work. There isn’t a difference in processing power etc. it’s just extra sounds and the removal of the demo sound every so often.

As for a simple VST host… I think some people on the JS forum use mini-host fro Toby Bear.
I’ve never used it though… JS works fine in n-Track v4.x for me…


Thanks RichLum, I will try JS with both MH and n-Track v3.

Latency (when jamming) is something that’s just occured to me (I have a fast PC but maybe not the best drivers)…anyhow, will give JS a go and see.



It runs ok in 3.3 for me so far, yet to use it seriously though.


I’ve found that Jamstix can be a bit unstable with v3.3, but generally it’s ok.
EDIT: just discovered SAVIhost - a simple vst host. No crashing problems :)

I think it’s very easy to go overboard in complexity - probably best when rhythms aren’t too complex. Use a straight beat, most settings on zero or minimal, with the the odd accent or fill…and leave it to the other instruments / vocals to add more syncopation and rhythm. At 65bpm you can get good sounding ballad drums.

Jamstix is amazing! Easily the best sounding artificial drums i’ve heard. I wonder…it could be produced in a stand-alone box…would be cool.

I agree about easy to go overboard.
I think the default settings are a bit complex so that people can see what it capable of doing.
It might be good for jazz/fusion type stuff, but not rock/pop type stuff.

I usually set the funkiness and complexity sliders real low and then use the snare accent and tom accent sliders to vary individual rhythms complexities

And agree about it being the best sounding (playing wise, not necessarily sample wise - but hte samples are still VERY good) artificial drums.
Especially for someone like me who can’t program drums to save his life or want to stuff around tweaking drums to make them sound more natural. JS just does it all with minimal effort.

It really is a bit like having a real drummer that you say “play this type of thing here, and this there” and then they do that but add little bits and pieces to mix it up a bit.


has anyone tried the new drum pack yet?

Yep I bought Drum Pak 1.
Works fine. Sounds are just as good. Just different.
I haven’t really worked on a song properly since though so haven’t gone through and picked which sounds to use etc.

I’m really looking forward to the brush pak as the delos sound really good. Makes me want to write a song just to use the brush sounds :)


I’ll be buying both JS and DP#1 :)

I’m finding the arranger a bit odd though - if I move the playback cursor back to a previous position, then when I press play again, it seems to carry on from when where it was playing before.

Also I can only seem to arrange parts on the top line, i.e. if I add a part to another line it jumps to the top line…is this right? I guess the 16 separate channels are for MIDI (which I’m not using as such) so don’t really matter much…though I might want a percussion part to be on another line and play simultaneously as a drum part so presumably would need more than one line. (Perhaps I need to read the manual more…)


The best setup to date IMO is JamStix playing DFH Superior. Talk about sounding like it came out of a top studio, you’ll have no complaints except the price :p But it still comes in cheaper than hiring a decent session player and decent studio to do one song, so from that point of view it’s a bargain. And it all works fine on n-Track.

JW, I’m not having problems with the arranger window… If I select a bar for a particular rhythm, it stays selected…
You can’t have 2 rhythms selected for the same bar.

If you do what 2 play a bar and have something else over hte top you will need to either edit the rhythm and make the changes and save as a different rhythm, use the automation parameters to change things like the probability of drums or to suppress drums (eg. use suppress snare when you want to bkreak it down)
Or if it’s something like a cymbal wash maybe record it as a separate track in N and then just mix it in

The playback position will be determined by the VST host (ie. -Track). so if you want to start [;aying from a particular bar you need to move the position curser in N to where you want to play from. JS will start playing from that position (provided you have got JS synced with N by having the “play” button in JS pressed)


Thanks, but I’m not sure if I’ve got JS sync’ed properly as I’m using SAVIhost to run the JS plugin (I can’t use n-Track, it crashes). I can’t seem to find a timeline or other stop start control within SAVIhost…I’ll keep looking though


EDIT: From reading the manual I’ve learnt that I’ll need to select Manual mode to replay different bars etc.
I was in Jam mode, so no wonder I couldn’t seem to control the Arranger… :p