A Couple Questions...Help?


after installing and re-installing the latest version of n-track…
when opening a song one of the tracks cannot be seen unless you drag one end of the wave out???
I’m also having trouble editing files with an external wave editor, after editing the file is out of sync with the rest of the tracks?

Help Please!


For the first problem have you tried dragging the end of the wav fileout so you can see all that you want to and then resaving the sng file?
Next time you open it you should see the wav file like you last left it.

For the second problem, what kind of editing are you doing?
The wav file should have the same offset (ie. start in the same position) so if you delete some part of the wav file from the beginning everything will be out of sync.
If you delete some part of teh wav from midway through then averything after that deleted part will be out of sync with everything else in the sng file.


Rich is right – if you use an external wav editor to remove a chunk of the wav file from the beginning or middle, it will no longer line up preperly in n-Track. However, it is OK to use an external wav editor to mute a chunk of the wav file.


Thanks for the suggestions!
I appreciate your assistance…

But, I have tried saving the song file again and it continues to happen, after I drag it out, before I close n-track it even asks me if i want to save changes, but when i open the song again same problem…you can only see about 20 secs. of the wave…normally it’s the first or seconed track?..This is even happening on older songs that were fine when i last worked on them…????

as far as editing…(I use sound forge as my external wave editor) i never delete from the front of the track…
I also have problems lining up tracks if I burn the song & tracks to data disk to work on at a friend’s computer…I have even tried just burning the wave files and starting from scratch in n-track on the new computer with sync issues…it always seems to be about the same distace about two seconds…????

I have been using n-track for over three years and have never had these problems until I bought n-track 4. (It was fine for 3 years with a bootleg version & windows98) I’ve upgraded to XP and bought n-track????

Please more help???

I have had the same problem using Sound Forge (6 and now 7) as my external wave editor…Without removing or cutting anything, just using comps or verbs or mutes…the only work around is to highlight a portion of the track in the external vs processing the entire file…I also have this problem when I mix down a file with N and re-insert it into the project (even with no effects)…off by about 300 ms or so…Has done this since day one with all kinds of different os’s, sound cards, effects so I am thinking it is an N bug (this didn’t happen in Cakewalk or Vegas)…but I don’t care…I just work around them…


Thanks Ray!

At least i know i’m not the only one…yes mixing down and reinserting is definately a problem…the thing is it never happened with the old version…anyone else???

Again …anyone having problems with most of the wave not showing up in track 1 or 2 where you have to drag out the wave…???

Thanks for any assistance!!!

At least i know i'm not the only one...yes mixing down and reinserting is definately a problem...the thing is it never happened with the old version...anyone else???
That's been an issue as long as I can remember, along with the last seconds getting cut off when doing offline mixdown.

This issue seems to be that plug-in compensation is applied to the wave, but it's saved into a file that doesn't compensate. (That's not technically what's happening, but that's a way to look at the effect) The result will be a bit of dead air at the beginning of the mixdown file.

I think cutting off the end of the song is a different issue though.

I've been using sync tricks for years to account. I always have, as the first track in the song, a couple bits of the click track that are included in every mixdown or submix. They are sharp loud peaks that can easily bee seen in the timeline. There is a measure before the song starts and a measure about 10 seconds past the end of the song.

By using these as visual (and audio) cues, it's very easy to align the imported submixes with the originals. Slide the new waves so the click align with the first track. It's usually not much, bu it can be a LOT if a plug-in like SIR is used. I've seen it off as much as a half measure, depending on the plug-ins.

By having a measure at the end it's easy to see if there are any sample rate issues. Sample rate issues will obvious when the first click are lined up but the ones at the end are off. The only time I've seen that was when the tracks were recorded and mixed on another machine with a cheap soundcard. The type of sync issues that recording at 44.1k with a SB Live produce is an example of this.

I do consider this to be a bug, but the workaround isn't that much trouble. Not having the cues is a pain. I always do it now, and would probably continue doing it even if the problem goes away.

thanks phoo!

Wotcha. I use 3.3 on a laptop with an M-Audio Audiophile USB. I regularly open one of the tracks from an n-Track session in Soundforge XP, clean it up (e.g. for a vocal, remove obtrusive breaths, lip smacks etc., lightly compress; for bass, correct timing errors and compress) then save it in the n-Track working directory. Never had a problem with timing/alignment with the other tracks. On the other hand, I do sometimes find that a newly recorded track is displaced a few milliseconds relative to the other tracks recorded earlier. This seems to be a random thing. I just slide the offending track back into alignment.