A different N-Sync Problem

not sync’ng on track3…etc

Heres the problem. I had just recorded a drum track in N (first track) then recorded the bass gtr. on another track (track 2) everything works fine and they sync perfectly. then when I tried to record the guitar parts on track 3 it’s out of sync even on the following tracks. funny thing is tracks 1 & 2 are the only ones in perfect sync. What am I to do? I use N-Track ver. 3.0.5 build 1269 on a Pentium 3 celeron with a C-Media sound card on win98SE.


I have had this issue before. It wasn’t on that low of a track count though. I started getting a lag on about 22 or higher depending on how many plugins I was using. I’m using V3.3. I have tried playing with the buffer settings but didn’t get much results. My processor is a bit faster than yours (athlon 1.5ghz), but you should definately get more than 2 tracks.

I would try adjusting the buffer settings to a higher buffer setting. You might also install a more current version of Ntrack. I have had problems go away by upgrading to a newer version.

My vote would be to start by getting a better sound card. I have never personally messed with the particular C-Media card you are talking about, but in general the onboard C-Media cards I have had the pleasure to work with in the past were only good for playing windows sounds and barely that.

I have a strange problem with overdubbing tracks. If I start the recording by pushing the play button first and when the tape gets near the place I’m going to record on then I press the rec, the recording starts about 0.3 secs too late (and the wav is that much out of sync too).

Solution: I press rec button right away. No sync problem, everything is perfect.

I think this is because of high buffering setting. I use M-Audio 1814 firewire with a lap top with 1.4 Mhz Pentium M, 512 mb RAM.

I use direct monitoring so the latency is no issue for me - high buffering is for eliminating the possibilitiby of little clitches when I record 8 tracks simultaniously, and I’m too lazy to adjust them when I’m overbudding single tracks.

Thanks guys just read your suggestions!!!


Check that the timer is NOT set to use the system timer (preferences) and see what “keep devices open” is set to and toggle it the other way. Also, start recording at the very beginning of the song if you are doing that. Any one or all of those might affect sync in some way…don’t know why but some systems are just funny sometimes. Do these one at a time as an experiment.

Disk IO can affect it too, like if the hard drive is getting bogged down or memory is low causing virtual memory to be paged out to the hard drive, or the disk is so defragmented it’s struggling to find space. It could be killing performance to the point that only a few tracks is too many. This kind of thing can bring down even the fastest machine.

Anyway, just food for thought. :)

thanks phoo be checkin’ it out…