A personal message from Geore Soros



America can play a more constructive role in the world than it is doing under the Bush administration. The Bush doctrine is grounded in the belief that international relations are relations of power; legality and legitimacy are decorations. This belief is not entirely false but it exaggerates one aspect of reality—military power—to the exclusion of others. I see a parallel between the Bush administration’s pursuit of American supremacy and a boom-bust process or bubble in the stock market. Bubbles do not grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality is distorted by misconception. In this case, the dominant position of the United States is the reality, the pursuit of supremacy the misconception. Reality can reinforce the misconception but the gap between reality and its false interpretation is unsustainable. During the self-reinforcing phase, the misconception may be tested. If it passes, the misconception is reinforced, widening the gap and increasing the size of the inevitable correction. The later it comes the more devastating the consequences.

What smear from Republican House of Representative speaker Dennis Hastert recently suggesting that Soros may be making his billions off illegal-drug related activities!!! Soros wrote to Hastert demanding an apology.