a simple question...copy/paste track

beginner with the first song

I think you could solve easily my problem, I think you are faster than the help of the program.
I have a guitar track, I need to select a part of it (I know how to select) but I want to play just the selected part not all the song, if I play the selection starts all the song. Then I would like to paste the selection into the same track from a part to another…
thank you


To play just the part you have selected use >Action >Loop Selection.
To paste the selection to another part, first copy the selection (Ctrl+C) then select where you want to copy it to (you must highlight the whole part, not just move the cursor) then press (Ctrl+V)


excuse if I stress you with simple questions but to pass from my old multitracks tascam to n-track is so exciting that I don’t see the time to learn everything as soon as possible.
Soon I will try yours suggestions
thank you very much
have a nice day
bye :slight_smile:

I have now a new problem :slight_smile:
I choose non destructive edit and then I select a part of a wav file I copy it and then I paste it at the end ot the same track with shift button. The problem is that this new part at the end of the wave don’t play (I see that the wave line existent)… what I do wrong?