Abobe Premier & n-track

Hi Everyone,

I just added Adobe Premier Elements 2.0 to a machine with n-track 4.1. With the n-track vstplugins plugins directory in it’s original location, Premier bombs. Is there a known problem with this? Is there something that’s telling premier to load those plugins outside of it’s own plugins directory?



There’s a global reg key that contains the path to VST plug-ins. I don’t know what app adds it, but it’s not associated with any specific app.

“VSTPluginsPath”="C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins"

I had Adobe Audition installed and it finds the vst plug-ins in the n-Tracks vst folder as well, though none cause problems.

I suggest moving all of the plug-ins in there out and put them back one at a time (or in small groups) until you find the one that’s causing the problem.

Your issue is easy to resolve once you have an idea of what is going on.
I just downloaded the plugins and was able to reproduce your issue.
The problem is, your trying to load support into the program that isn’t supported in the first place.

If you watch the “loading” screen when Premiere launches, you’ll notice that it most likely crashing on the “Surround Sound” plugin. Surround sound authoring is NOT supported in Premiere Elements.

There are two ways to fix this:

1. Remove the “Surround Sound” plugin, all together, from your hard drive.
2. Lock Premiere out from being able to load the plugin.

The later solution is obviously more realistic.

Open up the windows registry editor
Go to:

Hkey_Current_User>Software>Adobe>Premiere Elements>2.0>PluginCache>en_US

Scroll down to the Ntrack Folder “n-Track Surround Panner”.
Right Click on this folder and choose “Permissions”. In each account listed, most likely “System” and “Everyone”, change the Permissions to
"DENY" on “Full Control” and “Read”.

No reboot needed. Relaunch Premiere.

This effectively locks Premiere out from being able to load the plugin.
The other plugins seem to load fine.

As far as the VST Directory in the Windows Registry… the entries in this directory are normally created on an app basis. Any application that supports VST plugins normally scans this directory on launch looking for these plugins. Look at it like a “homebase” path for these type of plugins and where apps look first for them on a system level.



Can I just thank you for this post. I just loaded Premiere Elements 4.0 and it crahed on loading. I noted that it was crashing when trying to load the “n-track Panner”. So followed the instructions on this post and now all is working fine. I do think that Premiere should be smart enough to exclude VSTs it cannot use though!!! regards Mike

THANKS!!! _086

Your Regedit works a lot better than uninstalling n-Track (my work-around)…


I love you guys, just installed premiere 4 on my pc and low and behold it didnt work narrowed it down to n-track and here was the answer to all my proplems. For those of you still lost “regedit” gets you to the page where you find the files to fix…Fantastic fix less than 5 mins and that includes reading the post :;): this is why Ive used n-track since 2.0 or some ridiculous earlier version :cool:

OK, now enter some songs in the contest, folks!