About Automation envelopes

Why the “move evolutions when moving parts” only acts on the volume or pan envelopes , what about build-in or vst plug-ins’ parameters? It is just not work on the effect parameters. When moving the events in the track, it will take me more time to get my effects envelopes in right position.
What’s more, when moving the event, the volume or pan automation will also move, but after that pressing crtl Z , the automation envelopes won’t get back to the original position before undo.

N-track 10.0

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Thanks for reporting the two issues, they will be fixed them in the next update.


Thanks, the moving problem seems to be fixed in build 8379. However, copying the event then paste it in somewhere, it will still only paste the volume and pan envelopes. Hoping the effect envelopes can be pasted just like the volume or pan.
That’ s very kind of you can fix them.
And here’ s a feature request about automation, hoping I can see all my envelopes in different automation tracks just below every midi or audio track. Just like the feature “Expand Envelopes” in track right cilck menu of Studio One. And I can make the automation tracks be expanded or collapsed. Also, I think the button “Show Automation Tracks” can be added to the “Show … Tracks” menu.

The envelopes are not currently included in the cop/cut/paste editing operations, it’s not a bug.
We’ll consider this and the ‘Show all envelopes’ command for future updates, thanks!