ACID drum loop cd's

Now that I’m hooked on ACID looping I’m wondering how the loop cd’s are organized. I just happen to have a cd with various acid loops that I got wioth my midiman omnistudio and some of the drum folders are arranged in what I would call kit form with designated fills/verses /choruses/intro’s etc. with variations on each segment. My question is are the commercial cd’s of acid drum loops arranged this way…it sure makes it easy to put together a decent rythm quickly. and get on with the more fun stuff of melodies.

Thanks and cheers

Some are organized and some aren’t… (just like life!)

Sony/SonicFoundry does a pretty good job at organizing their acid loop cds.

But I’ve bought others that are just filenames of nothing but arcane numbers with no organization or folder structure. At that point all you can do is go through them one-by-one and rename them yourself… a royal pain.