Can you change the speed of tracks like drum loops without changing pitch in the same way that you can in Acid?

I know you can change the tempo of a midi drum track without changing pitch. You change the BPM. I don’t know about wav tracks.


No. That’s something Acid is really good for.

open the properties for track - near the top you will see a green double headed arrow - move the arrow and watch the track shrink (get faster) ot increase (get slower) above the arrow is a grey button click on the button and set the way you want the pitch to react -

Dr J

OH!! Yes…new stuff added to V5. I forgot all about that stuff, though I did mess around with the track pitch a while back. My short term memory is not exactly good…but ask me about my first steps and other childhood memories if you want.

thankyou, I’ll give that a go! :)

You can get a FREE copy of ACIDExpress over on Sony’s website.
Export what you need as a .wav file and bring it into N.

It’s only limited by the number of tracks you can run as I recall…