planning upgrade, has anyone used…

Hi All.
Been a while since I posted.
I read a post on another board about a fairly inexpensive way to expand the number of inputs. They’re using a M Audio ProFire Lightbridge with a couple of Behringer Ultragain Pros into a software other than N Track giving them 16 a/d inputs with the option of adding 2 more Ultragains for a total of 32 inputs. Considering the Lightbridge is about $400 and each Ultragain is about $200 it sounds like an interesting upgrade path. Anyone tried this setup with N Track?

I didn’t get a response here, but read other posts about people’s success with other gear, so, I decided to go a slightly different route. Theres not as many inputs, but enough for my purposes. I went with the Alesis I/O 26 firewire interface. It only has 2 adat inputs but has 8 decent quality a/d converters(a friend played me some tracks, sounded good) which gives me 24 tracks of input. Waiting for its arrival. I’ll post again once I’m up and running.

Hey… sorry I missed this first time around… shrug

I have a Berry ADA8000. It’s pretty decent considering the price. The mic-pre’s are very transparent so don’t look for any ‘color’ and don’t push them too hard. They are TOO clinically ‘clean’ IMO. Almost brittle… but well worth 200 smackers.


ADAT works well. I have no experience with the hardware you are using, but I use N_track with a Layla or a MOTU and an Presonus ADAT - works great.