ADAT Track Imports From MOTU 2408

ADAT Track Imports From MOTU 2408

Is it possible to import ADAT tracks to n-Track for mixing…?..If so, how is that accomplished…???..If not, why…?



you need to install an ADAT card to your PC - been using ADAT since WIN 98se no problems at all -

link to the card i use below -

Dr J

Something about your Q doesn’t make sense.

Do you have an ADAT tape to import?

A MOTU 2048 is an audio adaptor. It accepts several kinds of inputs, but most notably, analog audio and ADAT audio. If you use it to record, the results go to files on your computer.

If you have an ADAT tape, AND an ADAT tape machine, AND a MOTU 2048, then you can use that gear to transfer the ADAT tracks on tape into the computer. And yes, you can use n-Track to do the job, as well as mix them once they’re transferred.

What kind of ADAT? Blackface and XT, you can use ADAT lightpipe into the PC as mentioned via a pci card. With the HD24, you can ethernet the .wav files across or use the Alesis Fireport and the removeable hard drive in the HD24. The vast bulk of my recordings are with various ADATs. Then I port the files over to pc and mix in the box.