Add MIDI Program Change

How to add a MIDI Program Change

I would like to add a MIDI Program Change during a track (not just at the beginning in the track properties). I can see that you can place an event using the MIDI Events List (Right click on the MIDI track to get the menu option). However, when I try to do that, the software doesn’t put the program change at the time I specify, nor does it use the patch number I specify. When I re-edit, it doesn’t sort to be at the correct position. I’m thinking that this isn’t the anticipated way this works…it can’t be this hard/weird. Thanks for any insights.

What I do is place an event at the bottom of the piano roll where I want the program change (any event like controller number 22 for instance) then I go into the event list and find the controller number 22 event, I click on that and then change it to a program change.

That way I know it is exactly in the song where I want it to be on the time line, it then appears in the piano roll as a black line.

I know there is another way to do it just placing the program change directly in the piano roll…but sometimes when I try it does not work (probably a setting or something that changes that option but I have no idea which one) so I more often do it the other way described.

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Ok, I have figured out how to get the program change inserted, but it simply isn’t doing anything. I have tried playing the track with both a soft synth and a hardware synth, and neither respond like anything happened. Is there some type of global control for sending out program changes? Thanks again for your help.

I have now found that I had filter program changes checked in the MIDI preferences. Things are looking brighter!