Adding N-Track Drums!! I need help!

Ok, so I have searched the forum and have been unable to find what I need.

I am a total novice to Midi, Drum Loops, Fake Drums, etc.

Here is what I am trying to do:

I have a song in N-Track, just acoustic guitar and vocal. I want to add fake drums to it using N-Track Drums. I don’t have a MIDI controller, or any special devices, just a computer keyboard and a mouse. In fact I think I understand the theory behind MIDI, but I have never used MIDI in my life and I don’t really care to unless I have to learn it for what I’m attempting. The song was recorded to a click track on a standalone hard disk recorder, and then I imported the wavs into N-Track.

Can I now add drums to it? If so, can someone please give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this??

I have tried to figure out the N-Track Drums and I am totally bewildered. Velocity, input, output, channel, etc etc… I am totally confused. All I have been able to do is get a drum beat to play over my song, and it is totally out of sync with the music. I figured out how to change the tempo of the beat, but not to get it to line up with my song.

I have been able to download all the extra drum kits from the internet.

Is it possible to just “tap” the drums out with my computer keyboard or mouse and record them live as the song plays?

I’m also willing to use a preprgrammed drum beat and paste it onto the song, to avoid the tedium of manually tapping in every single hi-hat hit. But I will if I have to. Bottom Line: Iam totally lost!!! I found the “users manual” that comes with it (accessed through the “help” menu) to be way over my head. I’m looking for something very step-by-step.

Thanks in advance to any kind patient souls willing to help.

Somewhere, on one of the “drop-down” menus, you’ll find… “Snap-to-grid”… I think that it’ll work if you have the “Grid” utility opened on your timeline… If you then slide your click track and audio tracks to lineup with your grid then you may be going down the right path to getting your drum tracks to play with your analogue tracks…

When it comes to MIDI with n-Track, I’m just about at your level, of expertise… but not quite… I’m working on it… (n-Track Drums) as well…

There happens to be some pretty hi-tech MIDI guys up here… Maybe they’ll reply to this topic and set us both in the right direction…