adjusting song tempo without losing song key?

wave editing tempo

I’m trying to incorporate two songs and “mash them up” they are already in the right key, but the tempos dont’ match. When I try to alter the tempo, I get the msg that the feature isn’t available and that i should try going into the preferences and downloading an external wave editor…I’m unclear on where to go (if I need to download software from another site how do I upload it into the DirectAccess?(its called something like that) so that n-track will communicate with the editor)?

also, I tried using the adjust BPM pen tool and I don’t understand how that supposed to work. I tried highlighting the area I wanted to change and nothing seemed to work…Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!



To setup an external wave editor you have to first of all install the editing program. Then, in the preferences/paths, you put in the location of the wave editor’s executable. For example: I use Goldwave which I have installed into the Goldwave directory on my C drive. The Goldwave executable file is goldwave.exe. So the path to the external editor is:
C:Goldwave\goldwave.exe (yours will be different)
Then, when you rightclick on a track, one of the options is “Launch ecxternal wave editor”. When you click it, your external wave editor (Goldwave or whatever)will open.
As far as changing tempo and NOT changing key, can’t help much there. Sorry…



A great tool for adjusting tempo is Sony’s ACID.
(I still keep an old $10 copy of ACID2.0 around just for that…)

You can get a track-limited version of ACIDExpress for FREE over at their website.

Changing tempo is similar to changing the speed of a tape machine. Faster equals higher pitch and slower equals lower pitch. The general solution would be to change the tempo with a tempo effect and then change pitch with a pitch effect to get back to the original pitch (or key). The results usually end up a little noisy and very artificial sounding, especially if you make dramatic changes to either variable. And it’s hard to be realy precise. You may to do a lot of trial and error to get what you want.

I believe I’ve seen software that changes tempo without altering the pitch, but I don’t think you would find it for free – and the results may still sound noisy and artificial. Good luck.