AHHH! Have you guys ever seen this error??!!

i was doing some final touches to a mix that was getting pretty track heavy and becoming a burden to my computer…which would freeze up occasionally while working on this song.

the song is about 44 tracks, some loaded with multiple plugin fx…

anyway…the last time the computer froze, I restarted and when i reopened n-track and loaded the song in question, i get this message:

"Microsoft visual c++ runtime library

runtime error!

Program: c:\program files\fasoft
-track studio5

abnormal program termination"

then i click “ok” and ntrack closes.

other songs play fine.

this is the last song of an album I’ve been working on and am not looking forward to starting from scratch on this song.

yikes. has anyone encountered this before? any ideas?


One idea to salvage the project (that looks like a projet too heavy for your system to handle)is to open a new song and import the wav’s (or some of them)to the new song. Apply effects, use freeze or partial mixdowns to make it a bit lighter, import more wavs and so on. You don’t have to start recording from scratch that way.

Hi skyrider:
You are right into the Meat-and-Potatoes of the project you’re working on…

In the past, when I’ve got into timelines as big as that I don’t hesitate doing lots of “Save’s” “Save As” and “Date Code’ing” .sng files… That way if I run into an issue… whatever that might be, I haven’t Glossed over doing too many steps with an editing process that I find I’m unable to “return-to or back-up”… IT could save a lot of heart-aches… It’s something you might consider for this song you’re working on…

Try looking for an earlier .sng file that will open your timeline just to see where that point-in-time is… As well, don’t attempt to do something too drastic in your search to mentally screw up your search to find some place that will get you back-on-track…

I know you’ll find a way to get back and complete this song you’re working on… It might not be easy, though…


thanks guys.

I have resigned to loading in the raw tracks and remixing. only one of the individual wav files appears to be corrupted, as well as the .sng file. this is a bummer because most of my time is spent in post-prod, but when these things happen, it often turns out for the best…though in this case i was quite pleased with the mix i had going before the crash.

so to prevent this in the future - other than becoming compulsive with the save button - can anyone help me to figure out what my system needs to handle ntrack5?

I am operating windows xp with the latest version of ntrack5. I have two internal hard drives.

C drive is where ntrack is stored and has a 279gb capacity with 210gb free space.

D drive is where all of my current ntrack .wav, .sng, and .npk files are stored. It has a 114gb capacity and 25.6 gb free space.

I have only 512mb of ram, but have room to expand to 2gb.

though i have encountered many problems since upgrading from ntrack v.3 to v.5, the most frustrating is the frequency of system freezeups. the whole system just locks up and my pc won’t respond to any commands and i have to manually restart the computer.

Yes, i demnad alot from ntrack, but this problem has happened even when i’m not running too many tracks and have little or no plugins enabled.

are there any configuration changes you’d suggest?
my buffer settings are at "high"

do you think more ram is the solution?


More RAM will certainly help. And it’s fairly cheap now. I’d recommend 2gb, minimum of 1gb.

Also, do youself a big favor and get some Registry Cleaning software. Everytime you add anything to your PC it gets recorded in the registry. If you remove software, some registry entries remain. A registry cleaner will remove orphaned references, correct corrupt entries, restore correct file associations and other things that will noticibly improve your OS performance. Some will even compact the size of your registry, like defragging does to your hard drives.

Also, get Ad-Aware to clean up the junk that surfing leaves behind. Get into the habit of regularly dumping temp files and cookies. Anti-virus software is also a must. Defrag at regular intervals too.


any particular registry cleaning software that you suggest?

also, is it a bad idea to have my ntrack sng and wav files on a dif hard drive from the program?

i have 2 gigs of ram on the way…hopefully that will help.


Sorry I misread and was unclear, but what I tried to say it’s good to have operating system (XP) and n-track the program in the primary drive (C:) and song files and wavs in another physically separate drive (F:, G: whatever).

Hi Gents:
It would be nice to have the n-Track application on the “Primary” drive where all your other applications are stored… as varakeef suggested… Then… install your plug-ins on the “Slave” drive on the same “IDE” ribbon cable… I don’t know so much as to separate n-Track and music applications any more than that… It’s good to store your projects on drives other than where your applications are stored…

I use a “Promise-T” card in each of the DAWs that I have… The card allows 4 hard drives per card to be used … Each DAW that I have has 2 hard drives connected to the primary IDE port and 2 optical drives connected to the secondary IDE port… It’s nice to have identical drives connected so as the data flow is not restricted in the Path limitation(s). You need to have a “Beefy” Power supply, if you consider setting your DAW up like that…

The four drives connected to the Promise-T cards should be identical for Data Flow, as well…

The “Promise-T/Storage Drives” and the drive “C” where the applications reside should not be on the same IRQ and “Buss” path… or have any conflicts so Data Flow from the application and Data Streaming from the Track Files does does not interfere with each other… Then you might decide to share the Track Flow (Streaming) amongst several drives. Share the data streaming from several hard drive, (Reading Pens)… That seems to work for me and the setup I have here. For example… I have vocal tracks on one drive, Bed Tracks on another drive Drum Tracks on another drive, for each project (song) …

You just need to be careful that you don’t upset the .sng files of your project by altering the PATHS where the Tracks are stored… Otherwise you have to re-write the .sng files of your timeline… That can be tricky, to do… I’ve even imported tracks through the LAN (Network) system, from other DAWs that I use in the studio setup. Doing that seems to lessen the stress on any one DAW’s/ Mainboard…


I later discovered that defragmenting drives where .wav files are stored began to stress the “Data Flow/Streaming” of tracks… Doing that changed how the data chuncks streamed to the timeline… So I just don’t defrag those drives as much as I used to…

The process of storing/streaming data chuncks is known as “Inter-Leaving”… I think… There’s lots of discussion around… on that topic…


When Flavio updated to v5… and defaulted the “Path(s)” C:/My Documents/My Music… or whatever, it was… That… became a big issue for me… I had to make notes for each project/track files/DAW/Hard drive and rewrite the .sng files for each Project’s song/timeline… Before v5 there was no issue, in that regard for locating .wav files…

Anyway, setting your DAW up like that might be something to consider… But, that might not work for everyone…