Alice Cooper

@ night

Anybody catching Alice’s show?
Actually, he plays some pretty good stuff,
plus he’s not a bad DJ.
You go uh Alice.

Two great Rock and Rollers:


Hi sevenOfeleven:

His Tour brought him to Town… I think it was …
could it have been late May
or early June… ????
It was a sell-out crowd…


Haven’t heard his radio show, but I saw him when he came through Nashville on his Welcome to My Nightmare tour back in the '70s. He definitely knows how to put on a show.

I never really liked his music that much,
but his show is pretty damn good. A new niche for
a seasoned veteran.

I loved Killer and Billion Dollar Babies. He started getting a little too pop for my tastes after a while, and have no idea how his more recent stuff sounds.

“We won’t even think of a word that rhymes.” :laugh:


EDIT: Actually, I DO have some words that rhyme… “Al Gore and his Media Whores”…

Saw the “Coop” with the original band in 1973 (I think that was the year), Christmas it was, or close to it. Greensboro, opening act, a little un-known band from Texas, zz Top. tress Hombres was just released I think. Foggy days back then, musta been the medication I Smoked… uh took for me eyes.

Coop and the boys came out at the end for bows, here comes Santa Claus on to the stage, they beat the crap outta of him and left him in a pile on the center stage as they exited. It was awsum!

Tres Hombres - awesome album! I always liked ZZ better’n Alice… that’s just me though. Never did try none of that err… “eye medicine”. Maybe that’s why? :laugh:


Hey D, I was knocked over when I saw ZZ, such a powerful sound for a trio, went out and bought First, Rio Grande Mud and Tres Hombres right after the concert, been a fan ever since.

The Coop I wasn’t so big a fan after that, I think it was a growing up faze. But I still have a listen to “Killer” ever now and then, “Halo Of Flies” still a cool tune.


Hey Yaz, if you’re eyes be bothering you, get yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses.

LOL. Kev, well that wuz me younger days too.
No “eye problems” anymore other than bi-focals and in need of a 60" monitor just to edit wave files. heheheh

When you wake up in the mornin’ and the lights they hurt your head…

I’ve got bifocals myself, but then, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4.

Hmmm, since second grade here Kev, permanent noise piece indents in my nose, think that may be the reason for my sinus crap?

Tried plastic lenses only to get 'em scratched after about 2 weeks, cost to much to keep replacing. Carpenters, sawdust and plastic lenses don’t mix.