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Where’s V5?

I guess they forgot the “like a thief in the night” part.

(patiently waiting)

Sheesh. How do these nutballs screw up the Word soooo bad? You think they sneak and skip pages or just ignore some of the text? I dunno… goofy wack jobs…

V5 is “To be released soon!” with “soon” being a relative term of course. To us soon is in the next few days. In Biblical times “soon” hasn’t even come close to happenin’ yet… I’m sure Flav is ON the case though…


Pack Yer Bags


The “End of Days” already occurred in 70 CE.

These people are all excited about a coming event that already occurred l-o-n-g before they were born.

Barnum was right; there’s one born every minute.

Quote (BillClarke @ July 25 2006,07:09)
The “End of Days” already occurred in 70 CE.

…and you know that because?..


I’d be interested in that too Bill - I’ve heard you say before that the rapture had already happened…

Me three Bill. I’m trusting in what I read and understand but I am all ears. If you have time to share…


Guys, as I think Bill is implying, the original generation of followers of Jesus - and every generation after that - thought that the end was near. Jesus certainly seems to have thought he would see it. “the present generation” and all that…

I’ve been reading the rapture ready board - if these folks hadn’t so much influence politically, they would be merely funny.

In a nutshell (forgive the pun):
Josephus, a Jewish historian who went over to the Romans, was an eyewitness to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. He documented his observations in Book VI of his The Wars Of The Jews. Even though his observations were from outside the gates of the city they substantiate that most, if not all, of the “End Times” prophecy made by Daniel six centuries before occurred during the Fall of Jerusalem.

Additionally, the timing is consistent with Jesus’ own statements that the “End Times” would occur while some people living in Jesus’ time were still alive - the Fall of Jerusalem occurred about 40 years after Jesus said that.

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From the 1940’s:

Are You Ready

Not that Bill’s wrong mind you…but these folks have a video! :)