American candy

Wrappers. Cultural corporate geographical homogeny.
Thai pizza with baked beans, anyone?

I’ve always heard that cultural corporate geo-homogeny recapitulates politico-industrial ontogeny. No thanks on the pizza. Oddly, I had a fine dinner of baked beans and corn bread. I’m trying to eat like it’s 1864.

Quote: (TonyR @ Apr. 11 2011, 6:04 PM)

The chocolate mono-culture at Somerdale is crushed. They were promised that they would keep their jobs as part of the deal, so too, the folk at Bournville. Bollox!

(I've got every wrapper since the early 70's. Aztec Bar anyone?)

It's criminal what they did to Bournville. That place should be kept as a national treasure.

Aztec Bar.......yes please, and Fry's Milk Sandwich,.....Fry's Turkish Delight..yum!
Quote: (Bubbagump @ Apr. 11 2011, 6:49 PM)

Pretty much anything made by Wonka. Everything they make is fun and sour... I happen to like both characteristics.

Wonka is Nestle.
My brother is the Director of R&D for new product for the Wonka division.
Basically he IS Willy Wonka at this point in his career.
Spent a number of years running the factory that makes Nerds, Runts, Pokies, Gobstoppers...all the pelletized and panned products.

He and I shared a house for several years when he was Plant Mgr.
He'd come home from an afternoon shift and you could smell the concentrated "fruit" aroma before he even got in the house.

Tell him I love him. I have worm more holes in my cheeks and the roof of my mouth from that stuff. Even at 32 I can’t go on a road trip without a pack of giant chewy Sweettarts in tow.