American candy

Ok Im off in a couple of hours to an American candy store thats opened here in the UK…we call 'em ‘sweets’ over here…

My son is mad on Herschey bars (??) any recommendations?

Ooh! Grab me a Cadbury Dream (no longer avaialable in UK) before Kraft knacker it. Cheers dude.…dnRtUCg

Sp: Hershey.

I see that they have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Regular, not mini, not white chocolate, just regular.

This one’s a small indie shop in Sheffield centre called ‘Blaze’…

Ok we got:
A Hershey bar or three
Milk Duds
Kool Aid
Grape Heads
Root Beer (Dental mouthwash!!!)
and a Tootsie Roll.

None of which I ever heard of apart from root beer, and I didn’t know exactly what that was
There was LOTs of Reese’s stuff but we didn’t get any.

Craig…recommendation, don’t buy American Chocolate :p

They have the best bacon in the world, their baked beans are second to none, but Hersheys is awful! Readily available over here but I still buy Dairy Milk, (Swiss and Belgian are the best choccy of course). Oh…don’t buy the biscuits either!

Keeps head down! :p

Willy is correct, of course. You didn’t get Reese’s? You missed the best thing. I command you to return to the store. Do it for your son.

mmmmm chocolate :O (not for me of course…for the baby)

…I tried those ‘Hershey’ things in Asda the other day, thought they had a really bad after taste! I’m more of a ‘ferrero rocher’ fan myself…you get those over there ???

It’s true, American chocolate just mostly is not good.

Lindt & Sprüngli…mmm…Lindor Balls…mmm…

The last thing Gordon B did before his exit was to force the publicly supported RBS to to lend Kraft the money to buy Cadbury, the UK’s last big chocolate maker. Sick!
They will ruin the recipe as they find ways to reduce costs and with it, a tiny bit of national identity will be lost. Small thanks the Nestle didn’t get it - cause it really wood have ended up as Candy.

Cadburys is my all time favourite…I don’t buy any other if I have chocolate.
Nothing beats the easter egg when you open it up and just smell that distinctive Cadbury smell.

I truly hope they don’t change it.

Cadbury - I totally concur.

The chocolate mono-culture at Somerdale is crushed. They were promised that they would keep their jobs as part of the deal, so too, the folk at Bournville. Bollox!

(I’ve got every wrapper since the early 70’s. Aztec Bar anyone?)

Who is the company that purchased them? And, why do you have a bunch of wrappers, exactly?

PS. Sorry Craig, too late. The few Cadbury products left on the shelves in the UK are the last to roll out of our factories, including the Flake, licenced to Fredricks. All future Cadbury prod’s are gonna be churned out in Poland and China(15% Japanese owned).


A desperate attempt to leave some petty cash at #10

Pretty much anything made by Wonka. Everything they make is fun and sour… I happen to like both characteristics.