amp sims pt. II

Tom! I had another listen - you always have a good tone going on and I agree with you entirely - and with Tina on the one dimentionality. I’ve gotta say, tho, that, to my ears, the difference is more apparent in your work than others - maybe it’s your aversion to sims that comes through.

Certainly it is my aversion. The machine knows me, it knows me. I’m telling you, the machine knows too much. We need to do something about the Machine. Shhh. I have a hammer. A ball-peen hammer…

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Hi All:

That's a nice sounding guitar track on the opening of that

I was listening to the song as I was replying to the topic using Windows Media Player, when all of a sudden it stopped and a pop-up screen came up, saying Windows Media Player cannot play this file..
It doesn't know the file extension..
or something..
It must be my old P-4 doin that.. hehe..

Anyway, it (the guitar track) fits the song.. :agree:


Actually Bill, that song started out life in 2006 as a strictly guitar instrumental for my (then) fiancee, called Danny Milligan - Jennifer's Lullaby. About a month ago, I was listening to it, and I suddenly could visualize all the different orchestration, so I went back, recorded the original melody again, repeated the sequence several times, and then began layering in my orchestration, an instrument at a time. Altogether, including the guitar track, there are 14 tracks on this song.

Interestingly, beginning in the second measure, I added a flute at midrange in the song, and it sounds like a french horn, which really fascinated me. Only in a few places did it sound like a flute, the rest of the time it seemed to synch enough with the other instruments that it came out with the broader tonality of the Brass Instrument... ummm is a flute considered brass or woodwind??

Since the melody remained unchanged from the lullaby, simply enhanced with orchestration, I consider it to be the exact same song... only MORE so :p

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same here.

Danny! Are you putting your stuff up in little squirts?

lol, if you mean the partial files my website is putting out, I am going to rip my provider a new one. Apparently, it will stop streaming the file after so long, and then people get aggravated because they didn't get the whole file. I realize I'm only paying six bucks a month for my website, but I will spend that six bucks and more somewhere else if I can't get more reliable service than this. It does me no good to upload my songs for ppl to listen to if they can't download the whole song smoothly....


Flute is a woodwind!

Flute is known for doing weird things when combined with other instruments or doubled…