Amplitube 3 not recognized in N-Track 8

Hi all!
Just started working on N-Track v. 8 and went over the tutorial on pointing to your vst folders, I did have several so I pointed to the correct one for Amplitube 3.dll
It found everything else in there but Amplitube 3 doesn’t register as vst in N-Track.
Any ideas?

Hi houstonmusic,

we’ve tested the Amplitude 3 Vst plugin in the latest n-Track version (build 3394 both 32 and 64 bit) and it seems to work properly.

Please go to settings->Preferences, click on “Paths” tab and then on “Set VST folder effects settings dialog box”, and be sure that the folder where you’ve installed the vst has been added to the “Vst plug-ins folders” list.

Please also notice that if the scan of a plugin fails, a little red exclamation mark is showed in the n-Track control panel, at the bottom of the n-Track main window, on the right of the playback time.
If the exclamation mark appears, please click on it and search for the plugin name (i.e. Amplitube.dll) in the window that appears, to be sure that the VstScan has found the plugin but it hasn’t been able to scan it.


n-Track Development Team

It is seeing the folder and doesn’t want to pick it up, I get exclamation point, Amplitube3.dll fails, when I browse the folder it is there.

5/4/2016 7:44:06 PM: Scanning C:\VstPlugIns\AmpliTube 3.dll
5/4/2016 7:44:06 PM: Loading C:\VstPlugIns\AmpliTube 3.dll
5/4/2016 7:44:36 PM: Error reading vst scan file for: C:\VstPlugIns\AmpliTube 3.dll

OK, now here’s the weird part…after how many rescans it wouldn’t pick it up but after reading your post I said “hey, why not do another”?

This time vstscan.exe (one of your internal N-Track modules?) opened an exception in my firewall (Comodo) and after I allowed it to scan the registry it picked up Amplitube3 in the above folder where it wouldn’t pick it up before…so it is up and running.
5th time is the charm, I guess :)