Android Live Play of Instruments

Well I got the App to connect to my USB Audio interface after a Reinstall of the App version 9.1 in my Tablet.
My Plan WAS to UPGRADE the quality and Selection of the Instruments I use in a different App for the same purpose - playing the instruments live with a wireless Keytar.
So Far - FAIL
The only Hammond Organs are the same SF2 Sounds found in Basic Midi 1
and there does not seem to be anyway to define “Keyboard Splits” for any instruments.

Is this possible?


you can currently set multiple tracks to receive input from a MIDI device, however you cannot currently define parts of the keyboard to go to a track and other parts to another.
I’ve added this to our todo list but I don’t know when we’ll be able to add this feature to n-Track.
If your keyboard/keytar allows you to split the keyboard to send a range of notes to different MIDI channels, then you can set n-Track to record/play MIDI tracks from different MIDI channels. For example set the lower part of the keyboard to send to MIDI channel 1 and the higher part to send to channel 2. Then add two tracks with two different instruments, say piano and violin, set the piano track to record from MIDI channel 1 and the violin track to record from channel 2. You can set which MIDI channel to record from in the popup menu that appears tapping on the track’s circular rec-arm button, located on the left side of the track.


Thank you very much for your answer. My only other request would be for a Hammond Organ Instrument with CC assignable Drawbars and Leslie effect. Glad to pay for it. This would be the upgrade I was looking for when I moved from Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and it’s SF2 sounds to this APP


Yes a detailed Hammon would be nice. We may get around to adding that in the coming months.