Android Men, Feedback Please

New Song Feedback Needed

Just want some feedback:
Android Men

This may be a matter of opinion, but try reducing the level of the sweeping effects a bit. Try adding some echo and reverb to the effects. The words are hard to discern in the mix. Try using a limiter on the vocals, maybe a slight “slap-back” echo. Go ahead… - I like the direction this song is heading.

regards, Nils

Thank you!

I thought it sounded really nice. Could I ask about the specifics of your drum setup on that recording?


I did not do the drum track myself but they are samples of an actual kit, I am not sure what the kit was that was originally smapled but can find out if you like. The only, ‘Live’ tracks are my voice and the acoustic guitar. Keys are played etc but obviously all those sounds are non-organic :wink:

Did you do the programming yourself?

If you are talking about the little phaser effects etc, yes I did. I had someone do the electric guitar, synth and drums. I played the acoustic and did the vocals and all of the little strange sounds. The alien voice is just my voice in reverse with other effects for instance. The female backup vocals on the chorus is just my voice raised in pitch and kept low in the mix. I programmed the strange effects in Fruity Loops before bringing them over to N-tracks with a drum loop from Fruity Loops for reference until it was later replaced.

Great vocals. I likey.

Thanks Jason, that’s probably the weakest part for me when recording as I am not a singer so getting a good take …takes a lot :wink:

Very cool tune…kinda like David Bowie meets Pink Floyd. The sweeping, although very appropriate, is somewhat distracting. The recording is nicely balanced, and the vocals are blended well.

Man, you could say that you are David Bowie and people would believe you. The vocals are my favorite part. This is really great.

Thanks Jason, um…this is really David Bowie ;-p

:D :p

You read I-Robot lately? I think this is solid.

Don’t know if it was mentioned earlier, but in your original post the URL does not show up properly…at least in my browser. I had to add “man.mp3” to get the page to load.

Thanks the link has been a pain. My main site is: and the song is available there within a couple clicks!
Thanks for the feedback all!

I liked the song and performance so much that I stillo haven’t payed too much attention to the recording details. This song is one the best original noncommmercial (freely distributed) pieces that I have ever run into on the net. My son is a studio musician/songwriter, and he listened and loved it too.
Yeah, maybe you do sound a lot like Bowie, but this song stands on its own merit.

Thanks Tspringer, I appreciate the postive comments!!