Android n-track sound won't play

Sorry, I’m new. Not sure if this is a bug or I’ve done something dumb.

I am working on one of my first n-track 9 songs and I recorded a midi track and two audio tracks. Then I was recording another audio track.

Apparently I must have hit something because now this song will not produce sound. I hit play and it acts like it’s playing, but no sound. The volume controls are all normal.

Other songs work fine, just this one. I’ve saved it and reopened and restarted my tablet. Can anyone give me a hint as to what I’ve done and how to undo it? It’s as if all tracks are muted but the controls say otherwise. Help!


…and another thing. Is there a way to copy a track from one song and insert it into a new song?

Oops. I unpushed the M and S buttons and it worked! Never Mind. My secret to figuring this out was to read the manual :wink:

hi, i am new to using n-track studio 9 … using android device (v 9.3) … can i ask how i can combine three audio tracks with three part harmony over a music track and export to .mp3.? i can import the music track, create and record the audio tracks, but can’t easily understand how to blend/combine all audio tracks together over the music and export. only hear one audio track when i export. Any reccommendations appreciated.