Android: NTrack automatically records phone microphone, not through USB C port


I’m using a Samsung A53. I’m trying to record audio via a usbc port (which I have a 3.5mm aux cable plugged into - I’m trying to record the show I’m doing for my deputy!), however n-track is only taking the mobile phone microphone, rather than through the usb-c port.

I’ve done it before, but it’s now refusing to work and I have no idea why!

I’ve tried going through the audio settings however on Audio-in it lists the usb-c port as “unknown” and the out as “usb-c audio 3.5mm”.

Any help would be amazing!

Thank you!

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Make sure that the cable that is connected to the USB-C port has a mic, i.e. if you connect a regular set of headphones (as opposed to a headset that has headphones plus mic) the device will see it as an output only device. When the device sees an USB input and you select the Android USB drivers, n-Track should record automatically from the external USB input. If you instead select the n-Track USB drivers, then you may need to manually select the USB input and output device in the Settings box.

Check this link for info on how to solve issues with USB audio devices on Android.


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