Animal in my drum tracks

I like that!

I wanted the ability to create more variation in my drum tracks aside from what midi samples I have.
For building hooks etc.
So I got this big I idea of making samples from the kit I made in Addictive drums.
I’ll put the samples in ndrummer and build sections usuing ndrummers step tool.

I made the samples, saved them to a special folder to store them, double checked that they where present, also loaded them into ntrack to check them, from the tracks menu.
To find everything perfect.
Ok now to add them to ndrumms.
In a new browser I opened the vst folder, ndrummer, library, was going to copy the wavs and opened the speical folder that I saved my new samples in to find them gone. Oh I also checked the trash bin thinkin some how I delete them? Not a chance, didn’t hit any such button a dozen times. Besides, they were not in the trash bin. What happened to them?

Do a search of your whole computer, set the files created / modified option to the right date, include hidden and system folders and files, if the samples are just misplaced this should show them.


Thx i,
you know i saved the sample making project as a song file.
So I clicked on the song file and the single copied hits where there, in their sepreate tracks ready for mix down.
Properties of each sample showed them to be in the same folder as the song file (but I couldn’t see them, showing all file types). I went through the process of mixing down each sample again, only this time I simply named them each and saved each to the ndrummer library folder, which I should have done in the first place. But my whole point really isn’t where are they?
But how did they?
Since I didn’t choose to save them as hidden files and didn’t hide or move them myself?

Right about now D’s goin to come along and say; “it’s the loggers”
get out your anti logger spray and squirt the vermin rite between the a’s. :agree: your probably right!

You don’t mind if I call you william do you? :laugh:

Well, its a name, and as long as I don’t tell mine you are certainly free to apply it.
But I’ve wondered about that particular habit of yours. Then I googled it, turns out Wilhelm Tell is called William by English speaking people…so.

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:agree: Thx william!
I don't know why I do that, bad habit I'm sure.
But it seems to work at times.
But there is a perfectly good explanation in your case.
I didn't want to type all the signitures you have in your username. Iwon't tell is a lot to type.
Usually I'll put (it) but that didn't seem appropiate! :laugh: out of respect I went for william! It's quick and easy for me to type.