Ann Coulter has made the cover of Time

Quote (YazMiester @ April 25 2005,06:18)
Magazines, TV, the whole sheebang is Bull Shat! They wanna sell sell sell, and as long as people buy buy buy, they will print and show crap crap crap! This why I put no stock in media and what they have to say!

Yeah. What he said!

TG :)

i also don’t like the popular media. it’s about sales. specifically, sales who’s profits go into the pockets of those i don’t agree with.

dunno what you’re all on about. she ain’t very pretty. ???

humourous quotes though. reminds me of the graphetti i saw on the bathroom walls shortly after 911… “nuke mecca”…

so i think this just shows to go you what i’m talking about though, if that kind of sentiment is not considered shocking and outraging, there is a huge problem with people’s connection to politics. it’s not a joke. that kind of thing should be taken seriously, and reacted to with the full impact that it purports. politics is not entertainment, it’s life and death to a lot of people.

in america, we’re just too damned comfortable and too seperate from the reality our politics creates.

if i were a psychologist, i would say it’s a coping mechanism, to prevent the encroachment of a guilty concious…


Quote (illium @ April 25 2005,21:26)
dunno what you're all on about. she ain't very pretty. ???