another film track gone wild

Put a few ideas together. This is a rough demo to get an idea of the vocal melody and how it fits in. I haven’t cleaned it up, no eq, and I have a terrible cold,(excuses over :) ) but at least you’ll get the idea.

It wasn’t a lot of work so feel free to use, abuse or discard :)



It's a lonely old time
There's a space in your mind
Where the things you didn't do
Are forever haunting you
There's a place in your life
Apart from all the strife
To lock yourself away
From the troubles of today

It seems your problems last forever
But it's only in your mind
Just keep yourself together
And keep on dreaming
Keep on dreaming

With faith inside your soul
You can turn despair to hope
You can drive the dark away
Turn night-time into day
Without the need to fight
You can walk into the light
Be the one you want to be
With an open mind and free

It's not only you that worries
When bad times should be good
Don't sit there feeling sorry……

Now, if life's an open book
And you're down on your luck
Turn the page back to the start
It's only one small part
Of the future you can see
With just a small belief
In the strength you have inside……

Good times are just beginning
If you take them as they come
Now's the time for living
Not only dreaming
Only dreaming

If that didn’t involve much work, I’d like to hear the results when you actually work up a sweat.

It would be an honor to add my two cents to this project, but considering I have a dialup connection, and I have some other things going on as well, my turnaround time will not be as quick as Ian’s. What’s been accomplished with the music and lyrics is definitely inspiring.

Quote: (kevinmyers @ Apr. 26 2008, 10:02 PM)

If that didn't involve much work, I'd like to hear the results when you actually work up a sweat.

:) Thanks kevin. It might have been an hour total, including writing the words. But it's a very rough demo.

However, with the right voice, a nice closing solo, and Tommy's steady hand on the mix..... it could be ok I think!

Just love collaborating :)


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Played around with the mix a little to straighten out the levels a bit. Can you do anything with this Tommy?

Dreaming (2)

That’s absolutely brilliant Bruffie. It doesn’t seem like you wrote the melody/lyrics afterwards, it’s like the whole thing came together.

Well done both!!

Every time I come to this forum I never fail to get inspired.

I just got back in town Bruffie - had to have a day out… I check it all out asap.

Well wow… you made it a song!
There’s some things in the mix in the way of the vocal now. I really like what you did man. What wrong with you singing this? All I need are your vocal tracks. "how you gonna get 'em to me?

Kevin - which version of n you use ? Send me your mailing address in TN.
I’ll redo parts to let the vocal breathe and we’ll have at it!


Thanks Guys! I wasn’t sure about it when I finished but it’s growing on me.

Tommy… It was easy to put words to this. The tune just seemed to draw me in to it. If you really want to use my vocals, I can post them as seperate wav files on Mediafire and let you download them from there! I’ll send you the link shortly. Would be great to hear you mix this. I’ll post everything 'dry’
I don’t have an ego, so if you want to have a go at the vox, no problem with me.

Kevin…The tone you got on the Lead for Simple Folk would slot right into the end of this. Would be somehow kind of appropriate.

Craig… Thanks for the kind words mate. For some strange reason I seem to get the best results working with other peoples music (maybe I’m just crap at writing tunes) :)


A songwriter friend of mine told me a few years ago that in song collaborations, there are instigators and facilitators. One who throws the ball out there with a lyric, melody or musical idea of some kind, and one who just runs with it, with whatever inspiration that happens to strike. When we write alone, we’re doing twice the work. I’m sure I’m not stating it as eloquently as he did, but I did see the point he was making.

Hey Kevin,

That’s deep for this time of the morning :) It’s 8.22am here. Can’t believe I’m doing this at this time of the morning. I just seperated out the wav files to post them for Tommy to pick up.


Post ‘em Bruffie and let me know - it’s only 10:30 at night here - couple more hours and I gotta get some sleep.
I’m side-tracked playing with a new toy - my son bought me a new Dell Inspiron 1521 - gave it to me last night. First thing on it - n-track !

I opened our packed song file in it and this little sucker handled it better than my desktop. I may have to start recording on it. I’m for sure gonna mix on it.

thanx again for a great piece of writing.

Kevin as for co-writing and collaboratin’ - your friend is right - I prefer it in most cases depending on the idea and subject matter.

There’s something inspiring about working with someone else and coming up with a result.

Uploading the tracks now, but 130Mb, gonna take around 90 minutes I think. Go to sleep Poppa, I’ll send you the link when it’s done.

Good dutiful son you have there :) Nice toy to play with…Enjoy!

oh I forgot the other toy - WaveLab is on it’s way. gotta love him now. :laugh:

Here’s the vox files Poppa. Don’t be too harsh :) If you make me sound like a smooth voiced 30 year old(a mere 22 years to remove)that would be great!




I’ve got no one here buying toys for me, but I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson who’s convinced at least one of my guitars should be his.

I have a six year old grand daughter who has claimed every guitar I own.

There’s one of my homemade pop screens!

Finished version, with Mr Willis’s blessing :) (maybe another one to come when Tommy and Kevin get out from under the work they’re buried under)

Dreaming (Willis/Brough)

Truly amazing guys! :)