another film track gone wild

This grew out of another short track 'thing’

I’m throwing it out to all the ballad fans to see if anything ‘comes to you’ lyric wise.

It’s up for collaboration if ya want. There may be something there for someone.

I hear one more part for it - I’m going to try to double the bass line with a fretless. Other than that it is what it is.
Work in progress 2

Man, that Hammond sounds great! I had no idea you were so good on keys! :laugh:

listening to it now. sounds crisp! by doubling the bass, i hope you mean an ocave up with the fretless. I think that would sound cool, and not muddy the spectrum.
I also hear a piano part that roughly backs up the guitars, especially on this ballad-type song.
I must agree with tom on the organ sound. adds a great touch.
It sounds like 12-string guitar(s) are being recorded in directly via pickup.
If you’re looking for typical love-song-type ballad lyrics, well, in 18 years of writing/playing/recording I’ve never written a set of lyrics in that style, so I couldn’t help ya. Some other direction, maybe.
(I also hear a guitar playing a nice melody/motif at the chord change)
Sounds like you’ve got a great, solid start.


Man, that Hammond sounds great! I had no idea you were so good on keys!

B-3 baby! Barely fits in my playroom. :D

Jdet - I WAS going to double it in the same register - might play with an octave thing and see how that works now though. I hear a simple gut string melody line on it too. The guitars were direct (direct is essential with grand kids on the loose) - 3 tracks of capoed rhythms and 3 open. That reminds me - I need to get my Alvarez Artwood back from my kid.

I know what you mean with kids on the loose (3 little’uns here), but i decided to mic anyway and just try to be patient (that can be exhausting).
I was thinking octave higher for the fretless bass because the trademark bends and slides stick out in the audio spectrum easier (to my ear) in that pitch range, and even something as evil as a little chorus effect helps flavor them, too.
When I was rich enough (i.e. single enough) to have a twelve string, I went direct, too, with a dean markley pickup that i loathed and which ruined the great acoustic sound of that instrument.
You’ve gotten yours to sound much better than mine, though.
I wish I was a good enough, patient enough, disciplined enough, and talented enough musician to layer 6 guitar parts and not have it sound like a drunken frat house.
the song i’m mixing now only had 2, and when i realized how off the capo’d part was i had to ditch that one.
too lazy to go back and fix it halfway through the mixing process.
I know envy is a sin and it’s easter, but still…
good luck with your additions and tinkering!

Hey, I am impressed. I have been going through these forums listening to various songs (most I can not listen to for more than few minutes). This was really good, clear and clean. I am not really into rock. Very professional sound. I will put some of my own songs up soon for ridicule soon.

I’d like to hear everyone’s ‘stuff’ …

Thanx for the kind words, 'preciate it.


Are you playing all instruments? I hear bass , drums, 2 guitars and organ. Any synthesizers? How many tracks did you have? Just curious. I use a cheap casio keyboard for all my rhythms, bass and extraneous sounds and only use guitar and vocals with mic.

Did you record 24 bit mode? I have been using 24 bit but cannot hear a noticeable diff between 16 and 24.


It’s all me Rich - I’m using my alesis sr for drums - I usually play bass guitar (old peavey) but on this one I was playing with my roland GR 9 and liked that sound. The organ is the same roland gr 9 with my strat. I used the mda leslie plugin and opreated it manually in a mix while playing to get the leslie turns where I heard them - that actually worked real well I think. Guitars are my little Ibanez Talman I plugged in direct and layered it a few times - a couple capoed up etc…

I am waiting to update to 24 with version 6.

Great recording… and playing. I downloaded it a few days ago and have been humming along with it every now and then, though I have no lyrical ideas. If inspiration strikes, I’ll holler at you.

Feel free to Kev.


That’s a really nice piece. I can kinda hear the vocal melody in my head. Mind if I have a go at some lyrics also?


I would be honored :agree:

Not as much as me :) Some of your stuff is very special, country isn’t my genre but I know good music.
Working on this now. Got 4 verses and a kinda chorus written. Not sure it suits my voice but will send you a demo, hopefully tomorrow, and maybe you can find a suitable singer.

Nice when something inspires…haven’t recorded for ages :)

If only these buggers next door weren’t having a party tonite…Sheesh!!
Thanks… Ian

Struggling a little with the structure. I foolishly thought that if I wrote the verses and choruses all the same length, they would fit…duh, they don’t! Anyway, more or less have it now.

I reckon, having listened to Kevin Myers beautiful picking recently. He could lay down a beautiful closing solo from around 3’33 onwards? :)

Will finish a demo tomorrow…

can’t wait - You want me to send you the sgw file - so you can edit the track? let me know.

I uploaded the .sgw file onto my server - can someone download it and tell me if it’s usable after being compressed?



Hi Poppa,

I downloaded it and it seemed to decompress, but then I got an error saying wrong or old file format. Then again, I am still on version 3 :)


I’m using 5 - oh well …
do your best.