Another heavy one :)

Another heavy one guys :)

Myspace stream (good for you Wox)

keep shinin’

jerm :whistle:

no no no - You just don’t show up after Christmas and expect to be listened to.

Where you been?

Well for whatever reason… the link ain’t workin’ here! Hrmph! I’ll try again…

You impertinent, AWOL Jerm you… :laugh:


PS I’ll back in between bouts of stirring and checking on my big ol’ pot of red beans, rice and smoked sausage! YUM! YUM!

Typing error in the link. Here’s a good link.

Not a bad song either. I liked it.


Rockin track, good layers of guitar tracks, cool solo break, not sure about the bright bass sound, but a really good tune!

don’t be too hard on the lad, nix. you know the bass is like that just to try to garner my vote!
(although i like to have some growl on a bass that’s prominent like that.)
so far, only listened on headphones. so all i can say right now is that the vocals, if they don’t already, might use a subtle reverb or delay to help them sit in the mix. but i’ll have a better idea over the speakers with the subwoofer cranked(!)
your writing (you did write this, i assume) is getting so much more sophisticated and polished with each effort. it’s great to witness!

It’s true, Jeremy, your writing has really developed, really leaped. :agree:

I finally got it Jerm… Good stuff bro’! :agree:


Thanx for all the kind words guys :)

Poppa I am sorry I have been a stranger as of lately but as you hopefully can hear I have been busy.
Unfortunately for me more socializing more means less tracking time, which after the day job satisfying wife needs and attention with kid is not much to begin with, I’m not complaining I am blessed to have them.

Paco572 thank you for fixing the link for everyone.

Dubious I do hope the beans came out OK, it did not sound kosher to me but I am sure it sounded like something on the other end. ???
I am not real sure what you mean by “guitar layers” to my knowledge and by design there are only 2 guitar tracks, one electric and one bass.
The piece was intentionally written and recorded to be preformed live by a three piece band, so if there is more than one layer on the guitar we may have a problem pulling that off.
granted the keys are also going to be played but not at the same time as any of the guitars.

john doe’s evil twin, I believe you and dubious my both have valid points about the bass.
I used a amp sim program called FreeAmp (Helian) since I gave up trying to mic my Randall tube head years ago.
I think they make an amp sim specifically for bass, but as of yet I have not found it.
Recently I have been experimenting with a plug called Studio Devil (British Valve custom) and so far I am happy with what I hear, although it is very limited when compared to the FreeAmp plug since you cannot chose different cabinet sizes or mic positions.
Perhaps I will revisit the mix of “Temple” with SD or some other Bass Amp Sim if I can get a hold of one.

TomS, as usual a gentlemen and a scholar.
Still I give more of the credit to having better equipment these days, since I could very will have conceived a song such as this a few years ago, but would never have been able to rightfully execute said idea.
IT would have sounded more like a garage band with all kinds of timing issues due to latency and the Strokes singer into a cupped dynamic mic.
Being more familiar with Ntrack, click tracks, and the whole editing process I am now able to change direction in a song numerous times within the writing process without re-recording the entire song.
Originally this song had another break down with just keys after the lead break and a funky psychedelic heavy reggae ending with the same lyrics as the current ending.
Then I decided to get rid of the reggae part although it was interesting to listen to and took the melody into another level it seemed to detract from the pieces continuity as a whole.
It was not a total loss, since I then scratched the second keyboard (breakdown) part after the lead break and replaced it with the rhythm from the reggae ending (put back in regular timing) Then all that was left was to do a break down of the ending melody instead.
I was able to do most of that without re-tracking just moving things around and getting rid of ideas that made the flow awkward…until viola! you got what we have here.

I think I took more out of this song than I left in, I had to just keep telling myself, “you are never going to be able to play and sing that part it’s got to go”…and that is my end game, to be able to tour and successfully play the CD with three people.
But it does seem to be working for the good, because only the parts that are truly necessary are remaining.

keep shinin


Good song Jerm!
I agree about the writing, whatever you say this is much more advanced than your earlier stuff. Some nice changes in the song and guitar playing and tone is nice. Your recording technique has come on leaps and bounds also. I initially found the bass distracting but after 2 or 3 listens I’m getting used to it.

Best you’ve done Jerm, well done!

You know guitar layers, like lasangna! I think the sounds complement each other, guitars mixed in good. Good tune! Hey check your friends requests!

Welcome back Jeremy - lots better stuff from you !!

The only thing I hear is the guitar that comes in around 4:10 is either too wide or too hot. Take your pick and reduce one or the other. Just my observation.

Nice work - it took you all that time you were gone from the forum to do that? hmm…

No slack here.

Nice job though - best I’ve heard from you too.

Bruffie, thanx for the kind words the more you guys talk about the bass the more I want to try a different amp plug. :)

nixon1972, I think I know what you are saying “layers” you are referring to the bass as another guitar yes? that would make more than one “layer”.

Poppa Willis, thanx I will check out that 4:10 peak, I do know the guitar there is high, lot of work on the mix yet, hopefully by someone who knows what they are doing better than me…tee hee
And no, this is not all I have been doing, I think I posted this a month or two ago on myspace, just finally got around to posting it here…many more tunes in the works…which once the drum tracks are done you guys will get to hear :)

I have popped in a few times, just to read :laugh: and of course look up information about the editor.

keep shinin

jerm :cool: