Another new one

been a prolific week for me

Here’s another new one that I’d like to get your thoughts on.

"Whatever Happened"


I like the distortion. :) How’d you get that?


I’m going straight into the soundcard out of a Boss GT-3 on the BG (Mesa Boogie?) amp model, direct level=0%, mic level=100% @ 1cm. Then on the input it’s connected to a stratocaster which is connected to a mediocre guitarist :D

That’s a good sound, and a good use of a good sound.

Thanks Tom - that is music to my ears :)

Anyone have any comments regarding mixing/mastering of the song? I thought it sounded pretty good when I was finished. But you know, when you’re writing the song, doing all the tracks, mixing it, mastering - sometimes at that point you’re so involved that you can’t see the forrest for the trees :D

Just looking to keep getting better at this, so your comments are welcome.

Reminds me a bit of T-Rex and Steve Miller? It sounds quite a lot different from your other two tunes!

On the whole, I think the vox are the best in “Whatever Happened” of all three (though the melody in “Standing by Infinity” was very interesting).

Do you have a master plan for these tunes? Would they all be cuts on the same album?


Thanks for listening and your thoughts, Ben. I agree with you about the vox, and I definitely spent the most time on them on this track. T-Rex and Steve Miller, eh? Cool.

At this point, no real master plan, just a lot of experimentation and trying different things. These tunes would make for kind of a weird album, if they were all rolled together, I think, because they’re so different. Not that that would stop me. :cool:

My master plan right now is to keep writing songs, and get better at making them catchy, mixing them, mastering them - really the whole process.

I do hope to someday go through that exercise of putting together a CD and figuring out how to master things to make them sonically the same enough to sound like they are a contiguous effort. The only thing I’ve done that on to date is a demo CD - cover songs on acoustic guitar. That turned out pretty well but they were all someone else’s songs from the same genre.