another skyline ...

you recognize it?

my buddy on the road has me stumped with this one… ? ? ?

I think I’ve seen building on the right before. Not that I know where.

Louisville, KY. I65N I think.

C’mon, make this hard… get him to send you a pic that doesn’t involve a town with family members or clients… or I just passed through in the past 2 weeks.


Hammonds Crossroads, AL.? :p

LOL… No… I have no idea. Hammonds Crossroads, AL is barely a wide spot on AL Highway 75. Population: Less than 50. (Including pets… :laugh: )


he’s a mo ky kind of guy bubba!

if it isn’t Louisville, I’ll send you a dollar… confederate of course.

I’ll find out when the next pic arrives… I’d love to have a Confederate dollar.
The south’s gonna rise again! Then I’ll have a dollar.

Yea that could be Louisville, also looks a little like Kansas City approaching from the west. Shoot man going though citis didn’t offer much time for sight seeing!!! Even with sweet garman navigating.
He must be shooting those pics from the hip, or is he running a team?
Or is he even a trucker :laugh:
I can hear sweet garman now; "keep left keep left. IN ONE POINT TWO MILES "make a U turn! lol

I know this one - Lewylvul was correct Bubba!

Cincinnati… That is the Scripps Center on the left. Likely I71N… been through there at least 100 times crossing the Ohio River… it is often cheaper to fly out of the Covington,KY/Cinci airport than Columbus for charter flights and you gots to go over that bridge to get to the airport.

by the way - he’ll be at your house for dinner tonight! :laugh:

Figured. :D Hope he likes left overs.

Winston-Salem NC.

Looks like you’re heading straight for Phallus City.

You’re thinking of Key West.