Another song called "Listening"

(That’s what I did during the weekend)

Okay, here we go again…

There’s a new song called “Listening” on my music page at This one’s slightly faster than “To Be Missed”, slightly louder, slightly rockier and it has a bridge that might sound surprising, weird or just plain odd. ??? And yes, a percussion track I played in an inspired state after watching a Bollywood movie called Taal (plot’s a bit lame, but the music is simply amazing)…

Some of you older people (just kidding) might remember the song as a Finnish version I posted a few years back. At least I think it was discussed with my fellow n-Trackers.

As always, comments are very, very, very welcome.



pretty cool song.
I like your website though im not sure what some of the language is very cool little studio.

Studiofat - the non-english language is called Finnish. My mother tongue. :p