another song had a friend make up some words

the 4th of july was something special
i apreciate the feed back bot positive and instructive . thanks from oklahoma city

Sounds like you had fun winding down after work. From listening to this several times, I came to the conclusion you mixed the music, recorded the vocals, then tried to add them to the mix you already had. That’s how they sound, anyway. I’d suggest re-mixing it, maybe even starting with getting the vocal the way you want it first, and then bringing the other instruments in to give it a more cohesive sound. Definitely an interesting song, and well done for a spur of the moment kind of thing.
Well, those are my thoughts anyway.
:agree: Rock On.

thanks you hit it just right that is exactly what happen . i just need to practice my mixing better just down loaded and bought ntrack 6 so just getting use to everything , and still do not know a 1/3rd of what i should …you tube had a pretty good tutor but i need more then just that do you know of any other place’s to learn other then just trail and error. thanks

just now had a chance to listen - been stayin’ away from your post on account’o the “okie” comment I made. I should have known you was from Ohio.

Anyway - yeah - what Kevin said, just a real rough sounding mix. I like what is there it’s just kind of scattered.

Keep askin’ questions and recording - you’ll get there!


i have tried to unscatter and its very nerve racking . but i will keep trying thanks ( what happen to those buckeyes anyways )

The mix sounds a tad congested. There is a lot going on and gets a mixed up a bit. The lead behind the vocals is a bit distracting but not bad. How are you recording the guitars (direct or mics)? This isn’t a criticism but there is a lot of room on the drums and vocals that adds to the congestion. Those nit picky things aside I like the composition overall. Good job! I’ll be the first to say that it isn’t easy to post your clips on the web. Open you up but if you take constructive criticism the right way it can be very valuable in terms of getting better. Keep it up!

You Soundclick page still puts you in Oklahoma. ???

I’m refraining from comments about Buckeyes.

Go blue. :laugh:

lol - He is in Oklahoma - he just ain’t an Okie! Right?! :agree: