Another song

over 100 wav files!!

Hey guys,
I wrote a song “Sunshine Days” as a tribute to my favorite Beatle George Harrison and it ended up taking me 6 months to record on N-track with over 100 wav file fragments. I used a boss drum machine, yamaha synth, hofner beatle bass, my mutant squire strat and my Nuno n4. I did many vocal overdubs as well.
Please take a listen andlet me know what you think.


So what’s acid go for these days?

I was an orange mescaline fan myself. Hello? - you’re just reading this right ? You can’t actually hear me can you?

Oh yea - trippy.

Oh yes, I’m tripping here . . . just wandering behind the little animals. Then all of a sudden the little ikons heads jumped off the screen and started dancing on my puter table . . . then my headphones melted into a blob on the desk and picked up a Korg tuner and started to bashing the Ikons into pieces . . . . . got to admit it’s getting better . . . . . . was this a bad trip? I never can tell . . . . . . .

Was ready to start singing “Rain” at the start, musta been the bass line. :laugh:
Great job using phrases from Beatle tunes!

Great job! :agree:

Good job there.

Very Revolver vs Sgt. Pepper …with a bit of Abbey Road thrown in… :agree: