Anybody Have SoundForge 4 or 5 disc or zip

Anybody have the disc or zipfile of Soundforge. I bought mine online back when it was still run by Sonic Foundry which is now owned by Sony. Well anyway you cant get the older versions from Sony and I dont really need Version 8 or whatever one they’re up to now. I still have my registration codes and would like to install it on my laptop so I can use it on there if Im not at home to do it on the desktop where Ive had it forever.
I know alot of you oldtimers here had it…in fact I got it on your recomendations…anyway let me know if you have a copy of the install around.


Your registration codes will only work on the copy they were issued for. So, getting an old copy from some one isn’t going to help. You’re code will work only with the copy you had.

Yes, the codes are version speciffic, but they should work if anyone has the instal exe of that version…depending on how old the version is. “Back then” SF could be downloaded as a demo and the codes would unlock functionality up to the version paid for (similar to n-Tracks demo, 16 and 24 bit versions).

They went to copy specific later. I’m not sure, but that may have been the first thing Sony did.

What version are you looking for?

I have Sound Forge 5.0 and I believe I have the downloaded install (bug fixes) & the original CD (assuming I can find it).

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 02 2007,12:32)
I have Sound Forge 5.0 and I believe I have the downloaded install (bug fixes) & the original CD (assuming I can find it).

Thats the version I have now .....5.0. I think I started with 4 and kept downloading newer builds of 4.0 and then upgraded to 5 and never saw a need for anymore than that. Like I said always had it on my desktop from an online download and did all the upgrades and then payed for 5.0 and payed for that online. Just like we did with NTrack. Just never kept the install as I figured Sonic Foundry would always be know...Sonic Foundry. :( :laugh:
Anyways if somebody has it Ill pay for the postage or for a download of it somewhere if ya have it.


I had a look around and found this - SoundForge5.0b

All I can tell you is that I scanned it with an up-to-date copy of Norton to make sure it wasn’t infected and upped it to my webspace for you. From the date (2001) on the file I assume it to be a ‘compromised’ version but since you have legit codes for it that shouldn’t be an issue.

I didn’t attempt to install from the file or anything - this is strictly “as is”. I hope it helps, at least until you get a better copy.


Thanks Bill. Yeah it was a compromised version but I do have the codes for when I bought so what the hey. Im so used to using it I dont wanna change. I tried using just NTrack as an editor on the laptop and it seemed awkward to me. I tried Audacity and didnt feel like going through learning what did what. This did it for me so thanks again. I burned it to a disk so I wont ever have to go through that again.

Glad it was useful. Since you have it now I have deleted it from my webspace.

I got version 4 in a zip, just tell me where you want me to send it.

If you want a legit copy, go to Sony’s Webpages and go to the Download Updates. Their updates are full versions.

Dave T2