anybody use the monitor function in N?

I’ve noticed that under the “hammer” for each recording pair there is the option to use the “monitor” feature.

I assume this is to hear the ASIO input without using the LIVE input processing sort of like many soundcards use their own “console” for.

I’ve just tried to use it and all I get is an error saying:
error setting ASIO monitor levels

Has anyone ever used this? Am I correct that is what it is for?

I suppose it’s no big deal since I can monitor in my soundcard’s console, but is there anything I’m missing out on by not using this feature?

That’s just a quick toggle to turn on and off the meter.

the vu meter? no, I don’t think you don’t understand what I’m refering too.

I believe it’s a way to listen to your soundcard’s input without processing the signal-it’s an ASIO feed so you can hear what you’re recording.

I’m pretty sure Phoo is right.
The “monitoring” refers to whether or not n-Track monitors the input for that channel and displays the level in the vu meter.

Turn it on and you can monitor the input for all or some channels, turn it off and you can’t monitor the input with the vu meters.

This is different to monitoring the input audibly via headphones or speakers. This would be handled by your soundcards mixer and whether or not you hear an input channel or not would be set there.
Even if n-Track was not running you could set/change the audio monitoring setup of your soundcard.


why then would there be options for volume, channel, linking the two together, panning.

no, it’s definitely monitoring the input audibly, for some reason it’s working now.


it doesn’t have any effect on the vu meters when I’m turning the monitor buttons on/off.

It must be union, then. You just caught it on it’s coffee break before.

Apparently :) Wait till it finds out I’m not paying it…

I’m not sure what advantage this provides me since my soundcard’s program will do the same thing.

I’m sure I’ll think of something useful for it though. :)