Anyone do any video editing?

So, we do these concerts at the guitar school and we video them with a plan to put them on a DVD.

Don’t need anything fancy… just need to be able to:

1. Edit out the junk
2. Add some titles at the beginning of the DVD, and maybe the end (“thanks to” etc)
3. Put chapter marks where each song begins
4. Add text-over for the song titles at the start of each song/chapter
5. Burn a DVD or create the files for burning a DVD.

Assuming little or no budget, what’s good out there? Anything free? Do I need to by Sony Vegas or something?

Any help greatfully received.


Vegas Movie Studio or Corel Video Studio will most likely be more than good enough. You don’t need the more expensive Vegas unless you’re doing complicated stuff (multiple angles or multiple soundtracks). Vegas Movie Studio Platinum comes with DVD Architect (GREAT DVD editor/burner). It’s good enough for making full featured DVDs with menus and all that. Probably for your needs Corel Video Studio will be good enough. I don’t know how it stacks up for DVD burning though. Depends on what your final product will be. DVDs, as in commercial movies, or DVDs that happen to have video files. Corel is cheaper. I useed both Vegas and Video Studio for the Cirkus DVD, then set up the final master DVD in DVD Architect. None of the free stuff was up to par for what I needed.

The free Microsoft Movie maker can do all of that… though check on the chapter markers. I use it for the dance group promo DVDs and so long as you need the basics, it works fine.

Thanks for the replies folks.

I’ve used the MS thingy before. Pretty sure it doesn’t do chapter markers, but I’m going to go and check!